• Identify items: Make a list of all the items that you don't use anymore. Where possible, include details such as how much you bought them for and what condition they're in.
• Be descriptive: Describe the product you're selling, including its features, a brief history and reasons for selling the item. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to make a sale at the price you're looking for.
• Make your Ad visual: You will have more success with potential buyers if they can visualise the item you are selling, so it is very beneficial to include a range of images.
• Be honest: Be upfront, honest and accurate when listing an item – it’s good for you and our community. Don't oversell the product or fail to acknowledge any key flaws.
• Meet the buyer: Arrange to meet locally in a busy public place if possible and bring a family member or friend with you. For added peace of mind, it can be beneficial to ask a buyer to show their personal identification before you hand over any goods for inspection.
• Be responsive: If you’re going to be unreachable for an extended period, simply pause your listing so you don’t keep people hanging. There will be plenty more buyers when you return.
• Show up on time: If you’ve set a time to meet a buyer, stick to the plan and show up on time. If you can’t make it, these things happen, just let the person know as soon as you can so they’re not left waiting.


• How can I search for Ads in my suburb, across Australia, or anything in between?
• How can I narrow search results by using the refinement options?
• How can I view search results in list and or gallery view?
• How can I filter search results to a price range?
• How can I sort cars by year, mileage and even more?

Using Paypal

• Buyer

• Once you and the seller both have your PayPal accounts linked to Tyres and Tracks you can send a request to pay with PayPal through your conversation with the seller in your messages.
• Tap Pay with PayPal, and if the seller would like to receive payment through PayPal they will accept and send you a payment request

To send a payment:
• Tap Review Request, then I’m ready to pay or I haven't seen the item yet
• When you have inspected the item and select I'm ready to pay, review the amount requested and choose the card you would like to use
• Tap Send payment with PayPal

• Seller

To request a PayPal payment:
• Once you and the buyer have agreed on a price and you both have your PayPal accounts linked to Tyres and Tracks you can tap Request payment in your conversation with the buyer in your messages.
• Enter the amount you and the buyer agreed on and tap Next
• Tap Request payment
• Once the buyer inspects the item they can complete the transaction through messages on the Tyres and Tracks app in person.

To accept a request from a buyer who wants to pay with PayPal:
• You will receive a message that the buyer has asked to pay with PayPal when you meet
• To accept the request, tap Request Payment
• Enter the amount you and the buyer agreed on and tap Next
• Tap Request payment


• Free
• temporary (vouchers)
• Standard (over 12mths)
• Commercial (over 12 mths)